Senior Men

sr men pgAny male Ken-Wo member over 50 is eligible to join the Senior Men’s Organization. We organize a weekly draw for the members on Wednesday mornings. This is a fine opportunity to meet and socialize with other seniors while we play for numerous trophies and prizes, enjoy camaraderie with fellow seniors, and try to stay fit and active. All of our competitions and scoring is based on NET scores so every member has a chance to win every week and every competition.

If interested, join us on the Senior Men’s Opening day in May. Alternately, contact any of the Senior Men’s executive members below.

The Senior Men’s Organization manages the Club’s two day Senior Men’s Championship, usually in late August. This event is open to all Ken-Wo member men over 50. It is one of the premiere events of the season, combining fine golf, prizes, and an awards banquet. We usually have a well-funded prize pool, generously contributed by several sponsors.

Throughout the season we have a running match play elimination tournament for the Babcock Trophy, concluding near the season’s end. Every season, we also have some form of ongoing “fun” competition that motivates players to play more and try to up their game. We also try to select one of our members who best symbolize the attributes of the Senior golfer and recognize him with the Outstanding Senior Golfer award.

A popular highlight of the season is a pair of home and home dates with the seniors at Osprey Ridge featuring golf, lunch and prizes. The annual Junior/Senior/Women’s scramble is always a lot of fun, with a Shotgun start and a lunch together.

There is a membership fee which funds the prize pools. Periodically, a Senior Men’s newsletter will keep Senior Men up to date on events that affect the members.

Many of our members also participate in the Valley Seniors Golf, providing an opportunity to play on 10 member golf courses in the Valley through the season. One of our Exec members below is the designated Valley Seniors rep. They have their own web site at Valley Seniors


The 2018 Senior Men’s Organization Executive:

President  Mac Maidens 542 7808

Vice President Dave Bolton 542-4340

Secretary/Treasurer Ken Giffin 542-9346

Publicity - Vacant

Match Chairman Allan Bacon 647-208-2183

Member at Large Bob Gibson 697 2275

Member at Large Earl Maxwell 542-9458 

Valley Seniors Rep. Peter Oomen 542-0224