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KenWo Golf Club - Front Nine

Kenwo Golf Club - Front Nine Holes from Jamie Robertson on Vimeo.

Even though the first tee shot can be daunting, the front nine starts off relativley kind and calm...until you get to #5 a tough par 3. It's followed by #6 the longest hole on the course, then KenWo's second most difficult hole #7, beware of three putts. The front is no slouch. Play it well and set yourself up for a much tougher back half.

KenWo Golf Club - Back Nine

KenWo Golf Back Nine from Jamie Robertson on Vimeo.

The back nine is split into two short courses. Holes #10-13, known as "The Orchard" are comprised of two hilly par 4's and two shorter, but tricky par 3's. Pay attention on these holes, the toughest are about to come. The final five holes #14-18 are known as "Death Valley", where good a day good can end abruptly. Good luck!

Thank you to KenWo member Jamie Robertson for completing this project. 

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