• Coors Light 2-Man Scramble

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Saturdy and Sunday - August 31 & September 1,  2024

 *Registration is full for 2024*

KenWo Golf Club in partnership with Molson Coors Canada and TaylorMade Canada are proud to present the annual Coors Light 2-Man Scramble.  

2023 Coors Light 2-Man Scramble

2023  Coors Light 2-Man Scramble

2023 Overall Amateur Champions
Terry Moore, Penn Hills & Calum Cummings, Penn Hills

2023 Calum Cummings (PH) Terry Moore (PH)  2023  No Pro Division 
2022 Dylan Shearer (KW) Brandyn Ross (AV)  2022 No Pro Division (Covid-19) 
2021 Dylan Shearer (AV) Brandyn Ross (AV)  2021  No Pro Division (Covid-19) 
2020 Richard Cashen (BW) Alex Butt (BW)  2020  No Pro Division (Covid-19) 
2019 Dylan Shearer (KW) Brandyn Ross (AV)  2019 No Pro Division (Hurricane Dorian) 
2018 Craig Hollett (GV) Matt Vaughan (OAK)  2018 Neal Ryan (BRU) Joe MacIsaac (Kingswood) 
2017 Tim Rice (ASH) Jamie Sweet (ASH)  2017 Neal Ryan (KW) Joe MacIsaac (Kingswood) 
2016 Craig Hollett (GV) Matt Vaughan (OAK)  2016 Neal Ryan (KW) Joe MacIsaac (Kingswood) 
2015 Craig Hollett (GV) Matt Vaughan (OAK)  2015 Dan Fraser (KW) Derek MacKinnon (KW) 
2014 Dan MacMaster (OAK)  Matt Vaughan (OAK)  2014 Pat Decoste (PH) Tanner Gayton (PH) 



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